Friday, November 9, 2012

Packing Again

Exactly one week after packing up our entire house and moving out, we were packing again! This time it was for a two and half week trip to California. We were originally going to fly, but decided to drive after a few things came up.

We had always planned to attend a dinner for Dan's work and then go to Palm Springs for a week where we would celebrate Thanksmas (Thanksgiving on Thursday and Christmas on Friday) with the whole family. But then I am having the privilege of babysitting my little grandson for a week as Becky returns to work. So it seemed silly to spend the money renting a car for two weeks when I could drive and the kids could have their own carseats and car, making one less change for them in this season of changes. I also got to load up my car with things belonging to Becky and Joey that I could get rid of relinquish and not have to move to storage and then to the new house.

The car was packed to the gills as Sheri and I headed out yesterday morning at 3:00 AM. Of course, in the world of make-believe Mia and Anna would sleep in the car until their normal waking time of 6:30 or so. I was in this world of make-believe at first, but soon succumbed to the real world where children wonder why they have been loaded into a car in the middle of the night and are way too excited to do anything like sleep! But, truth be told, the girls were EXCELLENT for almost the entire 16 1/2 hour car ride. Yes, you read that right. After only a few stops, I pulled into Dar's house in California at 7:30 PM.

By 8:30 PM, life looked like this:

Mia was her usual cheerful morning self at 5:00 AM. Seriously, really???? But at 10:00 AM I put them both down for a nap and they are happily sleeping away as I wash Anna's car seat cover from a diaper mishap very early on the trip. This happened at about the same time we were greeted cheerfully at the McDonald's window with, "May I interest you in an egg nog latte this morning?" I said no and then we ordered a very detailed breakfast and coffee. And we waited and waited and waited some more. Then we noticed there was nothing on the screen. So we drove up to the window. It was totally dark. We had fallen for the recorded voice!! I guess it was pay back for the hundreds of recorded voices I hung up on this past election season!

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