Friday, November 23, 2012


We are having such a great time here in the California desert. I'm lucky to have two daughters with some photography skills so the pictures will be much better than usual! Late Tuesday night Beth and Greg arrived here at the house. Beth is taking a photography class and Mia and Anna were the subjects of her first project!

Mia likes to pretend Anna is a caged animal at the zoo. This not Anna's favorite game!

Thanks to the adults, she always gets to escape from the zoo!

Wednesday night Becky, Arek and Max arrived. And early Thursday morning Joey, Brittany and Avery joined us. Later that morning we got Dar and Sean, Matt and Lauren and Dani and Michael. Thanksgiving was a blast!

We were able to fit all sixteen of us in the great dining room here at the rental. Of course no one thought to take a picture! Today we had Christmas and I'll post about that tomorrow!

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Roberta said...

Love the photos! Thank you Debbie for sharing your amazing family!