Thursday, December 12, 2013


Mia is two thirds of the way through the All About Reading, pre reading program. That means she has learned all the capital and lower case letters. She knew a lot of them before we started, but this was a more formal, structured approach. So I decided we would have a little party. Gotta keep homeschooling interesting!

Our ABC day started with Sesame Street x and o's cereal. I looked for Alphabits cereal but couldn't find it anywhere. Do they not make it anymore? Why we waited for Anna to wake up, Mia and I played tic tac toe.

Can you guess which cereal belongs to which little girl?

Hint: If the fruit rhymes with the girl's name, it's not hers.

After school time, we played ABC Bingo.

Well, Anna played for a few minutes and then did her nails...with abc stickers, no less!

For snack we had mini cupcakes with abc flags.

In case you were wondering if there was possibly any more junk they could have eaten today, the answer is YES! We had to have the classic ABC's and 123's from Chef Boy Ardee for lunch. Can anything smell worse than that when you open that can? But they loved it and we'll be back to our regular diet tomorrow.

Tomorrow we start the third part of the program, letter sounds. We are also going to start Handwriting Without Tears.

Mia is officially enrolled in the homeschool program through our district for next year. She will be in kindergarten and will go to school Tuesday and Thursday from 11:15 to 2:40. She will have lunch and study Spanish and Science.

Happy ABC Day!

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