Friday, December 6, 2013

First Day Alabama Trip

Yesterday it was -11 on the deck as we left the house for the airport. It was a VERY long day. Our flight was delayed almost four hours, twenty minutes at a time. We got many updates. The plane is almost here. The crew is almost here. We have the first officer. The pilot will be here any minute. And on and on and on for three hours. Then we got on the plane and there were more updates. We are just waiting for the supplies.  They have changed the flight plan.  We are sobering up the captain.  The last one was contributed by a passenger. It was a very friendly group on the plane that made jokes instead of complaining!

The girls were wonderful.  They made the best of it.  I brought their schoolwork and they did it underneath the benches in the airport.  Love homeschooling!

It was a regional plane so Mia sat in a seat by herself across the aisle.  She loved the autonomy most of the way, but then got a little lonely. I took a picture of her but didn't think to close the window blind!

When we arrived in Alabama it was 73 degrees. But the cold front from home moved in today and its going to be a chilly 33 degrees for the parade Saturday.

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