Wednesday, December 11, 2013

More Holiday Activities

The week before last we did a few more Christmas activities. I took the girls to our community kids' holiday party. It was at Little Monkey Bizness, one of their favorite places! They got to play for an hour.

Then it was on to the party room for treats. They were so happy to go in there - the elusive party room!

Someone else came to visit too. I have told Mia that Santa Claus is make believe fun. (I never liked lying to the older kids.) But she keeps coming up with evidence that he is real. Haha. Joke is on me.

A few days later we went to our monthly preschool program at the arts center. This time it was a sponge painting activity.

Can you guess what we are making?

Beautiful poinsettias!

We have a few more activities coming up next week, but the best one will be the older sisters and their families coming for Christmas!

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