Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

This is the first Christmas post. These are my pictures. So don't expect much! Beth will send me hers later which I'm sure will be so much better!

Beth, Greg, Becky, Arek, and Maks came in Christmas Eve morning. All the flights were not only on time, but early! We got right to work when they got here. Making cookies? No. Decorating the tree? No. Preparing the prime rib? Heavens no, Dan does that! We worked on wedding table assignments. Everyone's favorite Christmas activity!

We took a break and went to church at 4:00. We ended up in the hallway due to the crowds and the kids being so tired. There were no speakers so we might as well have been at home!

After church, Bill, Dawn, Wade, Nicole, Emma and Jayden came over for dinner. Little Jayden is sooo cute!

Christmas Day was the usual: a present opening, puzzle solving, pajama day.

I got Dan AnkiCar. The big boys played that.

It was nice enough to even enjoy a little outside time.

We all enjoyed this special time with the big kids, although we missed Joey, Brittany, Avery and Ben. There will be more and better pictures in another post. Merry Christmas!

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