Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day Two Alabama

Yesterday was our first full day in beautiful Northern Alabama. The cold front came in, along with the rain and it was in the thirties all day.  So we found some inside things to do.  We had one tired four year old, who becomes quite the whiner when she is tired, and one tired three year old, who becomes a basic zombie when she is tired. But we went on a tour of the rocket factory anyway. Sometimes I think we have not learned anything in thirty three years of parenting! We did not last long.

Next was lunch. Oops, they wolfed down their food. May they were tired AND hungry on the tour, volatile kid combo.  We were going to go to a kids science museum next, but it was closed down for the week due to a move. Of course. So our waitress advised us to take them to the mall.  It was great advice. There was a Chuck E. Cheese, a carousel, a bouncy house play place, and a movie theater. We chose the movie theater and then the play place.  I don't envision this mall open much longer. Two and half weeks before Christmas and it was empty! 

We saw Disney's Frozen in 3D.  Loved it. Maybe because it was a movie about sisters, a big part of my life as a child, as an adult, and as a mom of four of them.  Next we went to the play place. You pay by the hour. What a great idea.  We have them in Colorado, but not at the mall. The girls got to get some of their energy out and became less whiny and zombie-like.  Our last stop at the mall was to pick up a pizza to bring back to the hotel for dinner. 

The best part of the day: Anna learned to drink from a straw!  We did not think she would be able to do this for another year or so. You should try doing it with two holes in the roof of your mouth! But she did and was soooo proud of herself! We'll always remember Logan's Roadhouse in Decatur, Alabama!

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