Monday, December 9, 2013

Day Three Alabama

On Saturday we woke up fairly early, had breakfast, and headed for the town hall where we were to find out "our ride" for the parade. It was 32 degrees and icy. But it wasn't in the negative temps so we were happy to be somewhere other than Colorado.

We were hoping our ride would have walls, but we knew it probably wouldn't. It was a 1917 Ford Model T delivery truck! While I would normally be pretty excited about that, it just looked cold. But we were bundled up and really had a great time throwing candy to the crowds. Crowds is a relative word, as the town only has 2000 people. It's the town where they make the rockets.

Anna was less than thrilled about being out in the cold at this point, but she got into the candy throwing later.

The kids on the left held the banner with Dan's name as Grand Marshall.

We were so bundled up that no one got to see their cute shirts. But that's okay, there are a lot more Christmas parties coming up!

We relaxed the rest of the day after the parade and then went to Mass and out for Mexican food. We had an early early fight the next day. Which was not delayed at all. Imagine that. It was a fun weekend!

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