Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Six Days of Christmas

We have been pretty busy around here. There are Christmas activities going on everyday. But everything is pretty subdued…just the way I like it!


We put together a Hello Kitty gingerbread house.

First we had to lay down the frosting.

Then set up the walls.

Next the roof and decorating!

And last…let's eat it! Wait. Let's look at the ingredients. BHT. BHA. Red dye #5. Yellow dye #2, on and on etc. For various reasons I'm not ready to get into right now, we are avoiding these things. So cute little house went in the trash. And true to form, the girls never asked about it.

That night we went to Dan's company Christmas party at the science museum. How many people get to watch an IMAX movie at their company party? We had fun!


Dan took one of the girls to breakfast with Santa. The other one did not get to go due to some behavior issues. She has a hard time connecting cause and effect. Not uncommon with adopted children. But we are working on it!!!


Dan had a work dinner so I decided to take the kids out to look at Christmas lights while they ate dinner in the car. Since they go don't usually go out after dinner they had no idea that everyone's house was decorated! They loved it. After a while Anna fell asleep.


Our financial planner had a Christmas party. I didn't really want to go, but because we have only signed up with him recently, Dan wanted to meet some longer term clients. We were very pleased! Everyone was nice, conservative (financially wise), and hard-workers. And I met a retired art teacher who teaches art in her home. Score! We were given a pair of Tiffany wine glasses as a present. I know a couple that might want to use these at their wedding. Coming up. Very. Very. Soon.


The girls had Pajama Day at school. The parents were invited for the last 15 minutes to watch the kids sing Christmas Holiday songs. They did great!


We went to to watch Elf at someone's house in our homeschool group. The girls really are enjoying getting to know some of the kids in the group. After that, we participated in Operation Santa Claus, a charity event we do every year where we bring gifts and groceries to a family in the area.

Last year this was a tough time for us without any of the older kids coming out and living in a condo that was rather small and just not home.

This year is also tough. Although the girls are coming out, there have been some illnesses in my family, some very serious, that are on my mind. I'm trying to stay positive! We have two family-type Christmas parties this weekend which I think will be a lot of fun for the girls, and for us!

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Roberta McKay said...

Such cute photos! The Gingerbread house brings back memories...when I wish there had been kits when I did this with my boys. Ours too went in the garbage, but the photos last forever! From our house to yours, we are wishing your family a lively and wonderful Christmas together.