Sunday, December 29, 2013


The last two days have been a whirlwind. We are leaving for the wedding in two days! There has been so much to do. We got way behind in laundry over the holiday and spent most of Friday catching up on that.

Because I don't know if I will be staying for an indefinite length of time (more on that when I know more), we have been deChristmasizing our home. Yes, I made that word up.

We have also been doing lots of last minute wedding stuff and just to make things fun, trying an elimination diet for Mia. She has geographic tongue (as does Anna). I had never heard of it before these two came along. It is supposed to be painless and no big deal. But for a small percentage it can become painful and progress to fissures in the tongue. That is where Mia is at. We don't know if it's diet related, but on the forums for this issue several people have found relief through eliminating different foods. The pediatrician's only solution is steroids. Not going there right now!
I hope we can figure this out!

We have still tried to have a little fun. Today it was only 31 degrees so we went swimming at the rec center.

Cute little short stuff was done early and spent the last ten minutes drying off.

They have also been making their own fun. The love all the walk-in closets in the house and use them as their "houses" or "jails". Sometimes they camp out in the pantry.

The countdown has begun. Six more days!

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