Tuesday, July 14, 2015

2015-2016 School Year

We have started school! We actually started last week. I mapped out the year and decided to take a bunch of two and three week breaks throughout so that means starting school in July. We did this last year too and finished in the middle of May.

The girls had a seven week summer break, two summer camps, and lots of neighborhood playtime so off to school they go! Our first break for this school year - Wednesday! We will take a week off to go to La Quinta (Dan has not even seen the new house yet) and attend Joey's thirtieth birthday!

Mia is in First Grade and her schedule is as follows:

Prayer and Pledge
Spelling (All About Spelling, Level 1)
Math (Math U See, Alpha)
Handwriting (Handwriting without Tears, First Grade)


Reading (All About Reading, Level 2)
Math Facts (Flash cards & timed tests)
Daily Geography (Evan Moor)
Writing (Understanding Writing)

Free time, Lunch

M-Science Reading, T-Character, W-Library, Th-History or Art
30 minutes independent reading
Read Aloud time

Mia will be going back to Friday school starting August 14th and will have one hour each of Language Arts, P.E., Music, Science Experimentation, and Spanish.

Anna is in kindergarten at home, but she will be going to Jr. Kindergarten three afternoons a week at a local charter school. Her birthday, September 30, is one day from the cut-off for kindergarten. We want her to experience being one of the oldest in the class and so we opted for this instead of Friday school kindergarten where she would have been the absolute youngest.

Anna's schedule is as follows:

Prayer and Pledge
Math (Math U See, Primer)
Handwriting (Handwriting without Tears, Kindergarten)


Reading (All About Reading, Level 1)
Math Facts (Flash cards)

Free time, Lunch

M-Jr. Kindergarten, T-Character, W-Jr. Kindergarten, Th-History or Art, F - Jr. Kindergarten
10 minutes reading with mom, T,Th
Read Aloud time, T, Th

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