Friday, July 24, 2015

Two Weekends Ago

What have we been doing? Lots! And I haven't had time to blog. Here is what we did two weekends ago:

On Thursday night Dan was out of town but I took the girls to the new exhibit "The Power of Poison" at the science museum. It was pretty good. I wasn't sure if they would understand much of it but it turned out to be pretty kid friendly.

I'm not too happy that I deleted the good picture and kept the blurry one above. Got to wear the glasses!

Friday night we took the girls to their first baseball game: Rockies vs. Braves? I think. I know it was the Rockies at least.

They got the obligatory hot dog.

We chose this game because it was the only one with fireworks. But the lightening started at the end of the game and fireworks were postponed. It was already a late night for them so no fireworks.

The next day we went to "Meet Your First Responders" at our community center. Guess who was the most impressed?

Maks loves all forms of transportation, especially if it comes with a siren.

This one decided it was a no smile day.

Until she was in the back of a police car. Hmmm...don't even want to go there. We learned that they have plastic seats and floors with a drain so they can hose the back seat down.

We also got to meet a policeman and a police dog, practice calling 911, and bring home some cool stuff.

Mia had her first soccer game as well that day.

There was no coach when we got there. But it's okay. Someone took over. See the old man out there. It's really not bad. The I9 league has practices right before each game on Saturday. They play the same team every week and at the same time. I think even I could coach that. Well let's not get carried away...

On Sunday we drove up to the top of Pikes Peak. We tried to do it on Fourth of July weekend but it was just too crowded and we turned around. This time we made it! Unfortunately, little Oliver was not old enough and Becky and Maks were turned away. You need to be four months, and they encourage six months, because of the thin air at the top.

It was a fun, yet busy, weekend! We probably should stay home and clean, weed, and relax this weekend.

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