Monday, July 6, 2015

Our Little Get Away

While Dar and Sean were at our house, Dan and I got away for a little while. We went downtown for one night; things were just too chaotic at home to leave Dar and Sean any more than that. But we will be going away for two nights in the near future.

Our first stop was the Denver Art Museum. Here we are. But here is where we did not want to be. We were looking for the Toys from the 50's, 60's and 70's exhibit. It was down the street.

But I read the giant poster on the art museum's garage on the far right.

Nevertheless, it's still down the street. So we went down the street to the History Colorado Museum.

It was so much fun! We especially liked all the toy commercials and seeing how they changed from the 50's to the 70's.

I got called Debbie Rockem Sockem Robots a lot because my last name was Rockenbach.

We loved loved loved our Little Kiddles and their aromas.

Dan liked Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. I had no idea they came in matchboxes.

Cootie was a favorite game at our house and I think it might still be around. There was too much stuff to take pictures of all of it. We also went to to the Denver A to Z exhibit. This museum is wonderful.

Later that day we walked two miles to a speak easy for dinner.

The bookcase opened up to let us in. The cocktails were really unique. I usually drink wine but I had to try one.

After dinner we walked a few blocks to Little Man Ice Cream, a building in the shape of a milk can. I didn't much care for my choice of salted something or another. It obviously left little impression. Should have got my usual mint and chip!

We took the 16th street bus back to our hotel. On our way to the bus we could see how the Platte River is flowing over the sidewalks from all the rain we've had here.

The next morning we had a relaxing breakfast and then headed back. We didn't want to miss the girls last day of C3 (Catholic Children for Christ) where they do a show and dance.

We so appreciate Dar and Sean letting us get away every year!

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