Saturday, July 4, 2015

Mount Rushmore Day 2

After a good night's sleep we headed over to Bear Country USA in the morning. We loved it!

As you drive through, the first section you encounter is the elk area.

Next we got to get up close and personal with wolves.

We drove through the deer area pretty quickly as we see those nearly every day right outside or back windows.

The big horn sheep and mountain goats were new to the girls and they really liked them. They seemed to pose for the pictures!

And here's what we came for! Bears! There were so many but they were all moving! So all my pictures are blurry! This is my only good pic.

We began our trek home after the animal park but made one last stop so the guys could ride the alpine slide with the girls.

Here they are going up the ski lift.

And then... my camera died. But just imagine two little girls squealing with joy coming down a mountain in a bob sled. That's what I had to do as I was at the car getting Dan's phone!

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