Monday, July 27, 2015

California Trip

We went out to California again last week. The first two days we worked on the house. Matt took the pool table so there is so much more room in the great room now! We turned the table on an angle. The light still needs to be moved over. We are getting the top of the table refinished and buying new chairs. The table set is made of pine and is scratched up like crazy. It also looks like a dog has chewed on several of the chair legs and the finials, which fall off every time you move the chairs!

I added some new pillows to the couch to brighten it up.

We got new quilts for all the beds to brighten the rooms up. This room also got new lamps.

We went to Vegas for the weekend (next post) and then I came back and worked on the house some more.

I had a handyman replace some water damaged baseboards and I started purchasing some new patio furniture. The old stuff is rusting out. We got the air conditioner fixed, courtesy the home warranty. We also had to buy a new washing machine.

We are still in the process of fixing a lot of things:

The cabinets around the refrigerator
A few other cabinets that have water damage
The broken ice dispenser

We are having a removable pool safety fence installed, some grading done on the side yard, and all the mineral deposits cleaned off the pool tiles.

This house need a little more work than planned but we hope to have everything done by Thanksgiving!

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Roberta Watson said...

Debbie, this will be so great for your family! It is going to be lovely and comfy!