Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Our New Place

Two weeks ago we went and spent some time at our new house in the California desert. We plan on using it a lot and renting it out as well. The first few times we go out there will be more like work days, not vacation days. The previous owner left us some junk presents.

Because the house wasn't selling fast enough and it had a view of the mountains, the seller decided to take the two top layers of brick wall down and make a "better view". Now we don't know if the wall is to code with a pool in the yard.

Our first present was finding that he left pieces of the block wall here...

and here...Yes, that is the trashcan, completely immovable.

Here is a nice present behind the T.V.

The other presents were removing a subzero refrigerator and replacing it with a regular refrigerator leaving a giant hole in the cabinets. Also, the huge dining table is scratched up like you wouldn't believe and several of the chair finials are chewed on.

Now... these are all things that were wide out in the open but I just did not see them when I went through the house in a hurry that day to see all seven houses we came out to look at. So I really can't complain! And I LOVE the house. It is just that I thought we could just move in and enjoy it and that has not been the case...yet.

The kids, on the other hand, had a blast. we love that the pool is small and will be fast and cheap to heat up in the winter.

Little Bryce, Denise's grandson, loved swimming!

The girls were fascinated by the key making machine at Lowes.

We are going out again next week and doing a few more things to get the house ready for fun times!

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