Sunday, June 19, 2016

Family Fun Day

While Dan was in Scotland I decided to a Family Fun Day with the girls.  Our first stop was Dinosaur Ridge. I heard before that it wasn't worth visiting, but of course I went anyway. And you know what, the rumors were right.

But they did love the dinosaur egg we bought in the gift shop.

While trying to find the dinosaur footprints there were lots of rocks. I bet somewhere there was a sign that said no climbing. But I didn't see it and so climb they did. Supposedly the footprints were indentations in some rocks that were "probably caused by the weight of the dinosaurs." 

Next on the itinerary was Tiny Town. We took Mia here when she was two and she just ran around like a maniac. You would think two year olds would want to look and peer, but not ours. Now, at seven, she found it fascinating. She looked inside the houses and really enjoyed herself. I never though seven would be the ideal age to go here.

We took the train that circles the whole town. The engineer volunteered to take our picture!

Some of the houses you could go inside, but most were just for looking through the glass windows. Lots of them had been staged inside with furniture, people, etc.

A little foreshadowing....there was a tiny replica of White Fence Farms, our next stop!

These pictures only show a few of the hundreds of buildings.

This one chases butterflies wherever she goes!

After Tiny Town, we headed to White Fence Farms for dinner.

The grounds are as much fun as the restaurant!

Must be mating season for peacocks! The peacock at the zoo was doing the same thing when we were there. And just like here, the pea hen was completely ignoring him.

We saved our creek playing for after dinner, but there were so many mosquitos we passed on that!

It was a fun, but exhausting, trip!

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