Saturday, June 11, 2016

Spa Day

For an end of the school year, Daddy is in Scotland for nine days activity, I gave the girls a spa day! We followed Fancy Nancy's Spa Day book.

First I gave them a warm foot bath and massaged their legs and feet with lotion.

I applied a banana mask to Mia's face. I was quite surprised that Mia let me put the mask on her face and Anna didn't.  They also got cucumber slices for an eye treatment.

I polished their finger nails and toe nails.

I served parfaits for a snack.

They asked what people do at spas and I said they relax and sometimes read between treatments.  Next thing I know, they both have a book!

Hair was next! Curls all around!

We finished our spa day with makeup!

And then they did mine. Scary!

I'm not sure who had more fun!