Monday, June 20, 2016

Friday Field Trip - World of Wonder

I plan on doing field trips with the girls on Friday's over the summer. Our first one was to World of Wonder, a children's museum about an hour from our house.

They are going to be starting piano lessons in August. Anna loves pianos!

This museum was very small, two large rooms. But it was nice in that you could see everything at once. 

Mia played for a least an hour with this pneumatic tube sending fake money, fake fruits, and anything else should could find to other kids.

I'm realizing they are starting to get a little old for children's museums. Mia was one of the oldest here. We will use up our pass at the Denver museum and the Palm Desert one, and then, except for camps, we will find other activities. :(

I loved the cute little town of Lafayette where the museum was located.

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