Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sleep Study

Anna is still snoring one year post-op for her pharyngeal flap surgery. This surgery has a risk of children developing sleep apnea because it does partially block their little airways. But it makes their speech so much better! Of course, we have to make sure Anna does not have sleep apnea and so she needed to have a sleep study.

It started out really well. She was actually excited!

Then the nurse started connecting all the monitors. There were to be fifteen attachments on her head alone! We got through about 10 and she was D.O.N.E. done!  She just started screaming, crying, and hyperventilating. That's when I get sad that she has to go through all this. But...I told the nurse she sleeps pretty soundly and perhaps we could finish after she was asleep. The nurse said, "I'll listen to you. You know her." Really???  I'm not used to hearing that. 

So once I told Anna we were done and she was just going to sleep she calmed down and went to sleep pretty quickly. About 15 minutes later the nurse was able to attach all the rest of the monitoring devices. She would glance at the screen and see that Anna was in deep sleep.

Anna woke up once during the night to go to the bathroom. What a pain that was! But she went right back to sleep until the nurse woke us both up at 5:30 AM to tell us it was over. We get the results soon!

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