Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Parker Days

We love Parker Days, our community celebration and carnival. This year the girls got to march in the parade!

They waited diligently for their turn. It was HOT!

They marched with the ranch where they went to horse camp.

We had planned on going to the carnival right afterward but it was soooo hot we went home and came back closer to dinner time.

In years past we have bought tickets and when we ran out of tickets we went home. But we knew we couldn't get away with that forever! So this year we got the unlimited rides wristband. Taking that step meant spending a lot more time at the carnival!  But it was a lot of fun. And it brings back a lot of memories of the carnival we went to every year with the older kids.


Because the carnival takes place in our downtown area we didn't have to eat carnival food! Yea!  We were able to go into an air conditioned restaurant and eat a real meal. Afterward, Dan took Mia over to the grownup rides while Anna and I stayed in the kid section. We all went home exhausted!

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Madhuri said...

Looks like kids had the best time..!! All of them had great time itseems!!

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