Thursday, June 16, 2016

Last Day of Friday School

They had their last day of school on Friday, May 20th. Which means I am no longer a month overdue on blogging, just close! We don't know if they will ever be going to Friday school again. It depends on how public school goes next year.

The last day of school is always Field Day. I was able to stay and take some pictures before driving Paul and Sean to the airport for their Scotland trip. I plan on posting some pictures of that later.

Here is all the kindergarteners and first graders receiving instruction on the first game. It has been great this year that the kindergarten and first grade has had a lot of paired activities. The boy in front is Mia's best friend at school, Maxwell.

My picture of laser tag:

Next, they got to do the bounce house obstacle course.

I had to leave after this but when I cam back at noon to pick them up, they had changed into animals!

Mia, especially, is going to miss her friends at Friday school. I hope she finds some best buddies at her new school in the fall.

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