Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Horse Camp!

Mia went to horse day camp again this year and Anna was old enough to go too! And our neighbor, Rylee, also signed up for the same week.

On the last day there was a little ceremony. Anna was pretty exhausted.

Rylee says she is Mia and Anna's sister. So cute!

 Each girl got to read their goals for the week and talk about how they did or didn't meet them.

They got to sing a song with the partner with a microphone. I don't have a still picture of it but it went like this: Anna and her little friend held the microphone nicely together whilst they sang the song with cute little voices. Now, Mia and Rylee were partners, and both have strong personalities. So picture this, through the entire song they both held the microphone and tried to pull it closer to their own mouths. Their song was quite disjointed as they were in the midst of a microphone war!

Each camper got to show their horse to their parents.  Anna and Pichuco.

Rylee and Mia with Pepsi.

They are already talking about next year!

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